low-testosteroneTestosterone is the chief male sex hormone produced naturally by the testes. The hormone’s primary role is to influence reproductive functions. The secondary functions include the stimulation of facial hair, bone density, and body mass. Cases of reduced testosterone are more pronounced in older men. It’s estimated that 30% of men aged 75 years and above have lower-than-average levels of testosterone. However, this does not mean that the reduced levels are not common among the youthful generation.

In most cases, reduced testosterone causes erectile dysfunction. The condition is characterized by low sex drive and fatigue. Other effects of reduced testosterone include reduced muscle mass, hot flashes, low concentration, and reduced facial or body hair. The condition is correctable but you have to detect it early.

To determine your testosterone levels, you can go to a physician to get a blood test. If you are really concerned about symptoms, visiting a physician is probably the best course of action because the physician will give you a comprehensive exam alongside the blood test. Another highly recommended option is to use a home test kit. You can order the kit online and do a self-test.

Home Testosterone Testing Kits

Before you visit a testosterone test kits website to make an order, it’s important to know if the home testing really works. To answer your concerns, here are the basic considerations:

• How the kits work: Most home test kits use saliva and not blood. The test kit comes with an instruction manual on how to collect saliva at home. After you’ve collected the sample, you are expected to send it to the laboratory for testosterone testing. The results are availed to you after a few days.

• How reliable the results are: It’s crucial to understand that saliva is more reliable for testosterone home testing than blood. The sample is easily collected, and there are minimal chances of contamination. Furthermore, a saliva collection procedure is not as invasive as blood collection. Since the method is less stressful, experts argue that the method is a better choice.

• What you can do with results: It’s imperative that you know what to do with the received testosterone results. The lab results normally come with clear explanations about your levels and what you should do to normalize the levels.

Judging from the above basics, it’s clear that most testosterone test kits really work. Provided that you collect your sample accordingly and send it for analysis, you’ll have reliable results. With the information, you should confidently visit a testosterone test kits website and make your order.