Gold IRAs Vs Traditional IRAs

An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account and it is one of the most important investments that you can make for yourself. This blog post will compare the benefits of investing in a gold IRA vs. a traditional IRA so that you can make an educated decision about which type of account to invest in.

The most important difference between the two types of IRAs, besides interest rates and tax advantages, is how they are structured in terms of risk vs reward.

In a traditional IRA, the regular payments you make are not guaranteed. The account that you choose to invest in the traditional IRA is subject to market risk and can fluctuate in value. This is what makes a traditional IRA more risky than a gold IRA.

When you invest in a gold IRA, you have complete control over all of your investments. All of your money is set aside in a trust that you alone can access. This means that you can take the risk of losing some money. You won’t ever lose all of your money because there are no guarantees other than the guarantee of your bank or trustee’s trust. However, if you lose all of your IRA funds, it could be a long time before you receive any more payments than what the original investment account balance was at the time of loss. If you want to learn more about gold IRA companies, a good resource for you can be IRA Companies Gold.

The logic here is that your gold IRA has insurance on it, and the insurance company will pay out to you what your original investment is worth. Because of this insurance, when you invest in a gold IRA, you have the assurance that you won’t lose all of your money, which is why gold IRAs are less risky than traditional IRAs.

You should also be aware that there is more room for growth with gold IRAs than with traditional IRAs. Gold IRAs have larger contribution limits and a significantly higher interest rate. The interest rate for gold IRAs is about two times more than the standard IRA interest rate.

A gold IRA gives you the chance to take risks that you’ll never be able to take with a traditional IRA. The only real risk of a gold IRA is that you are responsible for ensuring that your trustee continues to keep your investment safe from harm.

This can obviously be a huge problem if your trustee goes bankrupt or decides not to do what they promised they would do with your assets. You should never invest in an IRA if your chosen trustee is unreliable because you’ll be stuck with nothing in the event that they fail you. You should research the history of the company that you want to do business with and don’t trust any company that makes their business dependent on trust alone.

You also need to decide which tax advantage will work best for you. Traditional IRAs have a very low tax deduction per year and at some point in time, it could be difficult to justify making less than a million dollars because this would mean that you would pay taxes on more than half of all your assets. However, gold IRAs have a much larger tax deduction since they are taxed at ordinary income rates instead of capital gains rates.

Since you can use a gold IRA to invest in more risky assets, like real estate, you might be able to buy a rental property and make enough money out of the rent that you’ll never have to pay any taxes on the profits that it generates. You’ll also need to consider how much risk you’re willing to take on with your investments.

If you’re not interested in taking risk and buying assets that can fluctuate in value, then gold IRAs are not for you. If, however, your goal is to make some money while keeping your risk level low, then gold IRAs are the investment option for you.

Improve Your Credit

Typically, the average person does not think about his or her credit score with a baby blanket unless he or she needs to open up a line of creditRaise-Credit-Score or make a loan application. Actually, there are some individuals who have never checked their credit score.

Unlike the balance of your checking account or credit card, credit scores are not often considered. Some individuals will even avoid looking at their score in fear of what they will discover. In addition, there are some individuals who mistakenly believe that checking their credit scores will negatively affect their credit; however, this is not the case.

Benefits of Regularly Using Baby Blankets

Doing a check every few years or never checking your score is not a good idea. Checking your score on a regular basis will help you in controlling your financial life with a baby wearable blanket. The following are some other important reasons:

Make You Aware of Your Financial Standing

Your overall financial health depends largely on the result of your credit score. It can be very detrimental to your financial health if you ignore it. Whether bad or good, it is better to be aware of your score than to have no idea what it is. With a bad score, there are things you can do to improve it. With a good score, your efforts can be placed on maintaining it or making it better.

Keep It in Good Shape

Developing a decent credit history could take months or years. If you have bad credit, it is impossible to get your score to an acceptable place, especially to get a loan, within a few days. Regularly monitoring your score will make it easier to take control of your credit. This makes you more responsible for boosting it and ensuring it is kept in its shape. Some people have accidentally raised their scores, like this mom:

Verify Credit Information Accuracy

Knowing your score will provide you with the opportunity to take note of whether the information is correct or not. If the score is under what you expected, this is, most likely, an indication that errors are contained in your report. You can dispute the errors with the credit bureaus.

Know What Activities Hurt or Help Your Score

Keeping a close eye on your score will make you aware of how your credit is impacted by your financial activities. For example, you can get first-hand knowledge of how paying off a credit card balance or obtaining a new card will impact your credit. When you know the effect of certain activities on your credit score, you will know the actions to avoid prior to a loan application.

Your Application Outcomes Will Not Be Surprising

If you make applications without knowing your credit score, denials or disappointing terms could blindside you. However, knowing your credit standing will get you ready for all potential results; even if they end up being undesirable.

Be Aware of Improved Credit Card Offers

As you start to enhance your credit score, you will realize that your chances of getting credit card approval will increase exponentially. In addition, there will be certain perks attach to this new status like greater rewards and better interest rates. Additionally, enhanced credit card proposals or a better credit score could be used as a bargaining tool with existing credit card issuers to lessen your rate of interest. If the credit card issuers refuse to grant your request for a reduction in your rate of interest, you should seriously consider making a bid for a credit card with a zero percent balance transfer.

Respond to Changes Fast

Checking your score regularly provides information about any change to your score in a timelier manner. If a drop in your credit score takes place, the details of the report can be utilized to decide what is responsible for this change. Measures can then be put in place to boost the lost credit score.

Daily changes could be made to your score and this is usually influenced by how regularly the information changes. A number of providers will update you every day if so desire. If you are planning to make a big purchase like a house or a car in the near future, checking your score frequently will help with the preparation.

Your credit score details the findings of your credit history. To make changes to your score, the core details of your report require certain changes. You can do this by changing your payment and spending habits. Credit score providers typically reveal the elements that influence your credit score. The details can be used to decide the necessary steps to boost your score. Credit secrets offer insights on ways in which to improve your score and have collections erased from your history.

Information On Credit Secrets

The majority of individuals do not actively think about their credit score without needing to apply for a loan or a creditcredit-score-cibil-score_625x300_61459069060 card. There are actually individuals who have never even gone on any credit card provider website to check their score.

Credit secrets will teach you how collections can be removed from your history and how your credit score can be improved. For further information on credit secrets and the importance of knowing your credit score and improving it, you can log on to and

You will readily consider the balance for checking account and credit card but less likely to think about credit score digits. Several people generally avoid checking credit scores because they dread the outcome. Some also have the mistaken belief that if the credit score is checked, their credit will be negatively impacted. The truth is, when the credit score is checked with a scoring service, your credit will not be affected.

Check Credit Score In a Timely Manner
Nothing good can come out of not checking your personal credit score or checking it once every couple of years. Better control of financial status is facilitated when you regularly check your credit score. Here are some vital reasons to check your credit score in a timely manner:

Be Aware of Your Financial Standing
Credit score determines the financial health of individuals. Pay special attention to your financial health as you would your physical and mental health. Knowing your credit score has more benefits than not knowing what it is. Improvements can be made to a bad credit score and good credit scores can be monitored and maintained.

Ensure it is in Good Standing
A favorable credit history can sometimes require several months to develop. Credit score will require a considerable amount of time to be ready if needed for a loan application. Monitor your score regularly to ensure that it is in good standing. Regular monitoring of credit score will also allow you to aim to improve it.

Ensure the Accuracy of Your Credit Information
The accuracy of information on your score can be verified when it is checked. Errors may be detected when the score appears to be lower than you expect. In this case, credit bureaus should be consulted to resolve the issue.

How Your Activities Affect Credit Score
When you regularly monitor your credit score, you will be provided with insight regarding the effect of your credit on financial activities. For instance, your score will indicate the impact of clearing a balance or newly acquiring a credit card. Knowing the effect of your activities on your credit, you will be informed of the things to avoid to help you to be eligible for application of a loan.

Ensure That You are not Surprised by the Outcome of a Loan Application
It is best to avoid denials for a loan application by checking credit score. When you know the details of your credit information, you will be prepared for any outcome. If the score is unfavorable, at least you will know beforehand.

Know The Details of Good Credit Card Bargains Available to You
You can expect better interest rates and rewards with an approval for a credit card when improvements are made to your credit score. Also, you can arrange to have your credit card interest rates reduced when your credit score is improved. In a case of issuers refusing to reduce the interest rate for your credit card, you may consider applying for credit card balance transfer at zero percent.

Make Quick Response to Changes
If there are any changes made to the existing credit score, regular monitoring will enable you to see that information in a timely manner. In the case of a decrease in the credit score, the details of the query will provide information regarding what caused the decrease. Careful steps can then be taken to build up the score.

Information in a credit report can be changed very often, resulting sometimes in daily changes to your credit score. You can request and receive daily updates on credit score from some providers. The purchase of a house or car will require frequent checking and monitoring of your credit score which will help you to prepare.

It is important that you carefully consider your spending habits and up to date payments. This is because the details of a credit report are reflected by credit score at a certain time. The information in the credit report will require adjustment to affect changes in the credit score. There are many credit score information providers who will give you details on the actions or any element that can cause your credit score to rise or fall. This will give you a better understanding of your financial standing and how you can make improvements to your credit score if necessary.

How To Find The Best eCommerce Platform Available

E-commerce concept imageeCommerce is huge right now, and it will continue to grow with the lifestyle reliance on technological conveniences we see happening worldwide. The fact is, more persons are turning to the Internet for a host of lifestyle and business options – including shopping. Therefore, setting up a simple, easy to use, eCommerce platform that is sophisticated enough to meet the demands of both the business owner and customer alike is the way to go.

Still, even with knowing they will need a reliable eCommerce platform, many business owners, entrepreneurs, or freelancers offering their services online are hardly able to choose between many of the able platforms fighting to claim the top spot. So, we have put together a quick guide with a few pointers designed to help would be eCommerce platform users sift through the noise. Let’s get started.

4 Tips to Help You Find the Best eCommerce Platform

The best eCommerce platform will have a number of features that work together to make the online shopping experience better for both the seller and buyer. The best platforms are those that offer ease of use on both ends of the platform while offering up powerful technology that gets the job done. Of course, it is also important to have that client support should you run into any problems when using the platform. We explore these issues in greater detail before.

1. Powerful, user-friendly technology

It is important that the eCommerce platform of your choice is backed by powerful technology to manage all the functions you need to be handled during your sales process. Some of these processes, such as currency conversion or calculating shipping and handling or taxes applicable to different locales, can be automated. Other processes can be manually entered on the back-end at the point of entering the good or service you will be selling on your site. Of course, the different functions you will need from an eCommerce platform will depend on the goods and services you are offering, to who whom you are offering them and where your target customers may be located. Consider all your needs before settling on an option, bearing in mind of course, that the best eCommerce platform for you will meet your needs and do so in a way that is relatively easy for you to use and hassle-free.

2. Industry specificity

Some eCommerce platforms are built with very general capabilities that can, for the most part, be tailor made to suit a wide cross-section of industries, products, and services. Still, other eCommerce platforms are built with specific consideration being given to certain industries, product types, and services. In some instances, the latter option may be the better of the two when trying to find the best eCommerce platform for you. This is largely due to certain industries, services, or products, may require specific considerations that are by large neglected by the platforms catering to general eCommerce needs.

3. Customer Interface

Customer interface refers to how customer-friendly the storefront of a given eCommerce platform may be. The best eCommerce platform will allow you to offer your clients or customers both a clean look and organization. These two features will ensure that goods and services in you storefront are not presented in a manner that is cluttered and overwhelming to your digital shopper and that everything is well-labelled and easy to find.

Just as is the case when shopping in traditional ‘brick and mortar’ stores, the last thing an eCommerce customer wants is to be endlessly searching for that one item it came for. In fact, patience wears even thinner and faster in eCommerce options because and eCommerce customer is already looking for that much more convenience. Therefore, ensure the platform you use to provide your eCommerce services offers a great storefront for your customers.

4. Customer support

The best eCommerce platforms offer up great customer support to those who opt to use their system. The truth is, irrespective of how easy a given platform is to use, problems may still arise. Problems, however, if they are handled well. In such instances, problems become a minor glitch at best. Truth is, having a reliable technical support team you can call on may go a long way in saving your business money and helping you to keep customers. Therefore the post-purchase technical support system must be considered before settling on the best eCommerce platform. Independent reviews are a great way to get an idea of what a given platform offers in the regard.

67 Steps – A Better Life

Tips For Living A Better Life

One of life’s harsh little truths is that there are unfortunately a lot of people living unfulfilling lives. It’s all too common to clamor for more, whether it’s a better body, more money, notoriety, or any number of other things. There are so many twists and turns that make us deviate from our hopes and dreams, leading to an awful lot of compromise. It’s impossible to just flip a switch and have it all change to whatever we’re dreaming of, but there at least a few ways to finally take the reigns and hopefully chase down a little more fulfillment and happiness.

One of our favorite resources for this is The 67 Steps by Tai Lopez. If you want to know more about it then The 67 Steps Rocks! Our Review does a great job with reviewing the 67 Steps. Of course this is a little different then Blackout USA!

First of all, the most common complaint from people that aren’t able to do what they want is that there just isn’t enough time. It certainly is elusive, able to creep up on us when we least expect, but you have to do your best to just make the time you need and never allow yourself to fall back on that excuse again. There is almost certainly a host of distractions filling up considerable amounts of your day, so do something about it!

These days, people spend way, way too much time swapping between their social media profiles to see what people are up to or hoping to catch new “likes,” “favorites,” and comments. For even longer, a lot of us have wasted tons of time just sitting on the couch or our favorite lazy-boy while surfing innumerable television channels. No matter what it is, there has to be something you can afford to do less of to make time for more important activities. If living a more fulfilled life for you means something like learning to play an instrument, cooking full meals instead of relying on the microwave or fast food, or finally making those home renovations you’ve always talked about, you have to eventually stop giving yourself the chance to say you just didn’t have time.

That ties right into accountability. You likely know everything that you want to change in your life already. After all, those thoughts are the kind that keeps us up at night. It preys on us, nagging away so that even at the most random of times we’ll suddenly remember that we want something more. You have to stop only thinking about wanting things and start trying to make them happen. Be accountable for it and don’t let yourself have an inch of leeway.

No matter how hard we may be on ourselves – and there’s an awful lot of that whenever you’re unhappy with where your life is at – there’s still an inherent tendency to let ourselves off the hook and offer up an infinite amount of patience. If you’ve made deals with yourself about when you might start learning the new trade you want, applying for new jobs, or maybe getting started on a diet, you likely know how easy it is to fall into the bad habit of putting it off and putting it off some more. Without holding yourself accountable, all you’re likely to get is more and more procrastination.

If you want to live a better life, productivity is king. Very few of us are lucky enough to just have our hopes and dreams appear out of thin air. Opportunities have to be sought out and made. There’s no room for excuses! You have to stop being lenient when you break promises to yourself or fall short on particular goals. It’s all about pushing for more. It’s as they say, “nothing worth having comes quickly.” If you want something, you have to work tirelessly to get it. No exceptions!

Surviving An Apocolype Or Blackout

How To Survive An Apocalypse – 3 Tips

There is an ongoing belief that the earth, and all of its inhabitants, are heading toward what is called an Apocalypse. This is a time which could be related to natural events, or supernatural according to the religious, which leads to the end of the world. Although there will be some survivors, there will be very few, and modern civilization as we know it will not exist.

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To survive, if you are lucky enough not to be killed by the impending destruction, there are some things that you ought to know. This article will show you how to survive in Apocalypse using three easy tips.

Start A Hidden Storage Supply

If you do survive the Apocalypse, there will likely be other survivors that will be nearby. If you do not have a hidden storage supply of food and water, you will probably not survive. You will also not survive if the supply is not well hidden, a place where you and your family can go. It will be a time of great desperation, and if others see you with supplies, it will become a very harrowing experience trying to defend against those seeking to steal your goods. Therefore, make sure that you have placed all of this in a remote location, perhaps in a cave or an underground bunker that you have created and that the access point is only known to you. This will protect you against individuals that will try to steal everything that you have, giving you the best chance of survival.

Create A Safe Haven

On top of having supplies, you’re going to need to have a place to live where you can be protected from the elements. It is also good to have protection against all of the people that may be trying to get you and still everything that you have. If you have ever read the book Lord of the Flies, you understand what type of situation this could amount to. As long as your safe haven is well hidden and adjacent to your supplies, you will be able to survive longer than others.

A Source Of Fresh Water

In the likelihood that things are extremely bad, you will want to place everything near a source of fresh water. Even if you can stock up on thousands of gallons of water, it will eventually run out. By placing yourself in close proximity to a stream or a lake, you can ensure your survival to some degree. You will still have to hunt for animals, or potentially grow food or catch it out of the water, and being by running water, or a large body of fresh water, will help you survive that much longer.

Although there are no guarantees that you will be able to survive for very long after an Apocalypse happens, these tips will give you some insight on what to do. Now that you know how to survive in Apocalypse using the simple strategies, you can get to work on stocking up on everything that you will need, create or find a shelter, and also position it adjacent to freshwater to give you and your family the best possible chance of survival. Of course additional skills from a resource like Blackout USA can be huge.

Expect Results with the New and Improved

The AI-CBR organization has understandably changed quite a bit in the last few years. But it’s not the last few years that we need to focus on. It’s today. You want – and need – results today. Not tomorrow. Not next week. In an effort to continue serving our long-time clientele, please use the phone numbers and emails that you were provided with prior to our announcing the changes. For new clients, you will see when we are ready to re-open. Thank you for your attention and interest. We do not take it lightly.