The amount of fat and sugar that is in a food is a concern for many. You can substitute some lower fat items into your recipes to help. However, make sure that you are careful about what you use in your desserts. Switching your recipes to a bunch of fat free products is not necessarily healthier for you. The reality is that many of these items contain chemicals that are damaging to your body.

Instead of attempting to adhere to some strict diet, you should strive for a healthy balance in the foods that you eat each day. Eat some protein, fat and carbs regularly. In order to make your desserts healthier, use better ingredients.

One of the simplest things that you can do is switch from white flour to whole grains in the cookies and other baked items that you make in your kitchen. Instead of a bunch of sugar, you can use all kinds of fruits to help sweeten your dessert creations. Of course these items still have sugar in them and you cannot eat an endless amount. However, you will be much healthier if you have an oatmeal and date cookie baked with whole wheat flour than a chocolate chip cookie made with white flour and refined sugar.

The choices is yours to determine what you want to eat in order to be healthy. Use these guidelines to help when choosing your desserts too!