How To Survive An Apocalypse – 3 Tips

There is an ongoing belief that the earth, and all of its inhabitants, are heading toward what is called an Apocalypse. This is a time which could be related to natural events, or supernatural according to the religious, which leads to the end of the world. Although there will be some survivors, there will be very few, and modern civilization as we know it will not exist.

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To survive, if you are lucky enough not to be killed by the impending destruction, there are some things that you ought to know. This article will show you how to survive in Apocalypse using three easy tips.

Start A Hidden Storage Supply

If you do survive the Apocalypse, there will likely be other survivors that will be nearby. If you do not have a hidden storage supply of food and water, you will probably not survive. You will also not survive if the supply is not well hidden, a place where you and your family can go. It will be a time of great desperation, and if others see you with supplies, it will become a very harrowing experience trying to defend against those seeking to steal your goods. Therefore, make sure that you have placed all of this in a remote location, perhaps in a cave or an underground bunker that you have created and that the access point is only known to you. This will protect you against individuals that will try to steal everything that you have, giving you the best chance of survival.

Create A Safe Haven

On top of having supplies, you’re going to need to have a place to live where you can be protected from the elements. It is also good to have protection against all of the people that may be trying to get you and still everything that you have. If you have ever read the book Lord of the Flies, you understand what type of situation this could amount to. As long as your safe haven is well hidden and adjacent to your supplies, you will be able to survive longer than others.

A Source Of Fresh Water

In the likelihood that things are extremely bad, you will want to place everything near a source of fresh water. Even if you can stock up on thousands of gallons of water, it will eventually run out. By placing yourself in close proximity to a stream or a lake, you can ensure your survival to some degree. You will still have to hunt for animals, or potentially grow food or catch it out of the water, and being by running water, or a large body of fresh water, will help you survive that much longer.

Although there are no guarantees that you will be able to survive for very long after an Apocalypse happens, these tips will give you some insight on what to do. Now that you know how to survive in Apocalypse using the simple strategies, you can get to work on stocking up on everything that you will need, create or find a shelter, and also position it adjacent to freshwater to give you and your family the best possible chance of survival. Of course additional skills from a resource like Blackout USA can be huge.